Most Commonly Used Casino Jargon

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Casino Jargon

Gambling and betting are two terms which facilitate each other’s meaning. If you want to place a bet, you should gamble your money. Many different casino jargons get formed along with this industry. Every business, community or culture has unique words that outsiders may not be aware of, and casinos are no exception to this. Numerous betting terms facilitate the casino business. Let’s look at the most common casino jargons.

Advantage Player

Advantage players are those players who have more advantage over the casino is winning. It is used in online gambling when the player has more bonuses or points to gain an advantage. Blackjack and poker games create advantage players who learn particular strategies to beat the house.




Bankroll is the total sum of money a player uses to gamble. Players should always keep a limit over their gamble money to avoid overspending.


Chips are casino currency. They are bought initially before a game start in exchange for a specific amount of money. Mostly used in poker, the player who collects the most significant number of chips wins the game.

Card Washing

Card washing is the casino term for card shuffling. The dealers keep the face cards down to shuffle them before distribution. Most modern casinos have electronic shuffle machines, and card washing is a popular slang used to describe this process.


Edge in casino jargon means the party who has a high chance of winning. If poker has the best combinations, he or she has the advantage over other players. In most games, the house (casino) has the edge.

Eye in the Sky

Eye in the sky refers to the cameras up on the ceiling which monitors the game tables. These are used by the security team who vigilantly watch over the players for fraudulent activities or thieving.

Face Cards


Face cards are jokers, kings and queens. These cards have faces on them, hence the name. Most casinos value them ten points.

High Roller

High rollers are players who wage a large sum of money for higher rewards. They usually have enough money to gamble away and are the most frequent gamblers. If you call someone a high roller, chances are they live in luxury.


A whale is someone who is super-wealthy, more prominent than the high-rollers. Casino management adores these people. They throw in millions of dollars, not caring if they lose or win and only sees that they have a fun time in the casino.

House Rules

House refers to the casino, and therefore house rules mean the casino rules. Different casinos have their own rules. For example, some may have specific dress codes, without which one cannot enter the casino. The house rules can change according to different casinos.

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